Welcome to Path of Hope Counseling


“Compassionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable are only three of countless words I would use to describe Cecilie! I have been her friend for many years and has tremendous insight and is gifted in her craft. I highly recommend her. She has been there for me many times, and has provided wisdom that has been invaluable to me.” K.S.


“Cecilie Croissant is a kind and intelligent listener, and is committed to walking her clients through a thorough, life-building process toward wholeness. I wholeheartedly recommend her.” H.M.


“I love this amazing lady!! She’s a blessing, and I have seen her practice grow and expand. Cecilie is a lover of God and His Word and incorporates biblical principles into her counseling. She is non-judgmental and cares deeply, whether she teaches or counsels. She is consistent and has a high level of character. I really value her.” A.P. 

“Cecilie is an excellent compassionate listener and teacher. I have sat under her teaching many times and have gained so much understanding in the Word of God and who I am in Christ. She is also a good listener and is caring and non-judgmental. If you have the opportunity to sit across from her in her counseling room, you can count yourself fortunate.” P.D.