Testimonials from clients

Our relationship has never been better

“When we first started seeing Cecilie, my wife and I were going through a lot of marital issues. We had to learn how to communicate all over again, because my temper was getting in the way of reasoning and clear thoughts. With God’s guidance through Cecilie and her wonderful wisdom, we have now been able to self-reflect and communicate about issues with one another using the methods and tools we have been taught. After seeing Cecilie since the Fall of 2016 until March of 2017, our relationship has never been better! She has helped us see the importance of the intricate part of understanding one another, and how to better control our emotions. We feel as though this has been the best decision we have ever made.”  B. L.

I was hesitant to try counseling again

“I tried counseling before and had a terrible experience. I was hesitant to go to counseling again because the thought of being vulnerable and talking about my trauma all over again seemed like a nightmare.  My trauma began to rule my life, captivating my thoughts daily, until I decided to call Ms. Cecilie and take a leap of faith. I could not have asked for a better person  than Ms. Cecilie to counsel me through the darkest time of my life. ms. Cecilie not only empathized and validated me throughout my vulnerability, but she also helped me to see things that no one had ever before.  She brought so much of my story to light, things that had been hidden in the dark. Ms. Cecilie is an incredible counselor who has helped me to experience the Lord’s love inn a part of my life that I was convinced would forever be ruled by guilt and shame.”  J. M.

Help with addiction

“Compassionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable are only three of countless words I would use to describe Ms. Cecilie! I saw her for individual and group counseling for substance abuse in 2015. Had I known that someone would invest so much of her time and energy into identifying both the root of my addiction as well as the proper tools to battle it, I would have reached out sooner. Ms. Cecilie was always focused on helping me heal and never judged my behaviors as who I am as a person. I gained immeasurable insight while in her care and am grateful to still be living a clean and sober life. Wonderful woman and gifted professional I’d recommend highly.” –  C. G.

Deep grief

“Some months back, my youngest son took his own life. The days that followed his death were the worst I can remember. The place I was in was dark and scary. I sought counseling, and while nobody can cure me or give me back my child, my sessions with Cecilie Croissant are helping me find light in my darkness. Anyone needing someone to hold a torch in their darkness would be blessed to have Cecilie do that. Her mix of professionalism along with genuine caring may be just what’s needed.” – M.K.

Wholeness and growth

“Cecilie Croissant is a kind and intelligent listener, and is committed to walking her clients through a thorough, life-building process toward wholeness. I wholeheartedly recommend her.” H.M.

Change and growth are possible

“Cecilie is an excellent compassionate counselor. She listens deeply and is solidly grounded in God’s Word so she recognizes the need for each client to feel valued. She knows change and growth are possible, and she can help get you there.” P. D.

Marriage counseling

“Cecilia helped us in marriage counseling. She makes it easy and comfortable to talk to. I appreciate that she is a Christian and can utilize scripture in some situations but doesn’t push it on you either. She is easy to communicate with and is very flexible with my work schedule when scheduling appointments.”  T. J.